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BIRD NETTING & PEST CONTROL NETTING supplies and installs custom made anti bird netting and pest netting solutions for all areas throughout Australia. Our custom made bird nets and netting products protect your valuable property and equipment to create a safe and healthy environment free from pests.

Bird damage is preventable. The major complaints are destruction to corporate signage/ awnings and bird droppings at shopping centre entrances. This poses potential risks causing occupational health and safety issues for customers and workers alike by slipping and injuring themselves.

Pigeons are a population of birds that are fast growing, they have been referred to as the ‘flying rat’, not because of their appearance, but because of the diseases and parasites they carry. Bites from bird mites or bird lice, are 10 times worse than fleas and cause severe skin irritation and blotching, particularly to children or people with sensitive skin.

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