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Fall arrest safety net

Fall Protection & Fall Arrest Mesh Safety Nets

We can provide all fall protection safety net sales and installation. Safety nets have been used all over the world to prevent  and reduce fatalities in workplaces when working at heights. We can supply safety nets for roof trusses, industrial factories, formwork and more.

Our experienced team are able to assist you with our fall prevention system which is designed to meet OHS legislative requirements and includes providing assistance with site specific safety net design and planning needs, fall prevention risk assessment and project work at height plan, net installation where required, inspection and testing certification, installation and training and net maintenance.

The green safety net in the picture is a rope edge safety net, square mesh with 30kN rope all the way around. The safety net is made from high tenacity polypropylene with 5mm diameter, 100mm mesh and 12mm rope edging. Energy absorption is approximately 4.8kj.

The nets are available in both standard and customised sizes and come with attached perimeter cords and intermediate reinforcement ropes. Industrial safety nets may be used either vertically for edge protection applications as fall prevention or horizontally as fall arrest application. can help you with installation, sales, parts and custom designed fall protection netting.

Contact us today for a Fall Arrest System that allows you to move freely while working safely and effectively at height. You may also be interested in seeing more safety net and barrier net projects | Debris Barrier Netting | Curtain Divider Nets | Football Field NetPallet Rack Netting | Roof Protection Net | Tree Barrier Netting

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